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The Abbott Leadership institute offers an array of workshops designed to empower parents to help create better schools for their children and hold school leaders accountable, by becoming a partner in their child’s education.

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  1. Ten Tips for the Empowered Parent – How to Ensure Your Child’s Educational Needs Are Met.
  2. Parent Outreach 101- How to Educate, Engage and Empower Your Parents.
  3. The Power of Parents – Five Ways You Can Organize to Help Your School Meet its Educational Goals.
  4. Using Community Resources to Empower Your Family.
  5. Special Education 101  - Understanding Your Rights as a Special Needs Parent.
  6. Parents as Partners in Extended Learning Time.
  7. Getting Your Child College Ready.
  8. What do Good Schools Offer?
  9. Organizational Development for Parent Organizations.
  10. Conflict Resolution: The Art and Science of Negotiations.
  11. Strategic Thinking – Parent Organizations.
  12. The Power of the Youth to Make Change.
  13. Derailing the Jailhouse Train (PowerPoint presentation for adults and youth).
  14. Slavery Don’t Need No Chains (PowerPoint presentation for adults and youth).
  15. The Dynamic Triangle of Change (Workshop for parents and/or students).
  16. The Power of the Media (PowerPoint presentation for adults and youth).

*Certificates of completion will be awarded to all participants upon completion of three workshops
and assigned activities.

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