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A Parent Leadership Development Program
Ensuring all of our children's time is well spent

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Empowering Parents to Make the Most of
Every Minute of their Child’s School Day
Across Newark NJ, students are in school longer, as a result of the
extended school day approach adopted by Newark Public Schools.
Some students also participate in additional after school programs, where space is available.
But what is the purpose of keeping our children in school longer, and how can that time best be utilized?
What opportunities can be added with the longer school day.




During the training Parents will

Develop Expertise

Become Extended Learning Time (ELT) Experts for your children, through research and training in ELT best practices from across the country. Share those best practices with your school.

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Empower the Parent Voice

Interview and survey other parents to gather information on the impact of ELT on student achievement, beyond just test scores. In what ways is ELT beneficial and how can we use it to prepare our children for their futures?



Work Together & Build Partnerships

Work with other parents, the school and community partners to develop creative ways to use extended learning time, and learn how to advocate for the kinds of programs and opportunities your child would love. Let’s re-imagine the school day and make it happen!


Your voice and your vision matters

Through ALI’s Parents as Partners in ELT program Newark parents will strengthen their advocacy and leadership skills by becoming an informed and engaged partner with their child’s school to ensure the best academic and social outcomes for every child participating in a longer school day.

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