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In the summer of 2006, ALI extended its reach to include young people through the development of the Youth Media Symposium (YMS). YMS develops student leaders in schools and the community through introducing Newark students, ages 13-18 to education advocacy, and the art and science of using digital media technology as a tool for social change. Thus far, we have held 10 successful yearlong sessions, and 11 intensive summer programs. During this time, we have served over 350 students in 16 high schools, developing a core group of young student leaders who understand their social responsibility to help improve their city, with a specific skill set in media production not offered in traditional public schools.

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Educate. Advocate. Organize. An introduction to the Youth Media Symposium
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THE YMS APPROACHHere at ALI we teach YMS students that they have a voice and that their voices matter. Then we show them that their voices can be amplified using the power of the media. This is why YMS students learn how to produce film and edit their own videos for their advocacy projects. YMS students develop an understanding and appreciation of their ability to stimulate change in their own lives, schools and community.


YMS is a youth program for high school aged students in the city of Newark. Our students meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM on the Rutgers Newark campus. Throughout the school year YMS students learn leadership skills, education advocacy, media production and photography. Our students use our program as a forum to discuss what is important to them and what they care about most. Along this year long journey YMS students utilize their media and photography skills to advocate for public education in the city of Newark.
Since 2013 YMS has focused on their Our Schools, Our Vision, College Readiness campaign.


During the Summer YMS accepts about 25 youth to participate in a 6 week paid training program to become informed Newark education advocates and qualified media producers. YMS students take a variety of classes and workshops including: Social Justice, History of Newark Education Reform, History of the Civil Rights Movement, Media Production, Photography Fundamentals and Poetry Writing. In addition to these recurring courses YMS has frequent guest speakers, trips, college tours and other fun activities that our students benefit from.
YMS students who participate in our after-school program will be automatically enrolled in our paid summer program.
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YMS Magazine

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Leadership Development
+ Classroom & team building activities
+ Project development
+ Public speaking
+ College readiness counseling 
+ Mentorship & personal counseling
+ Holding great expectations for students
+ Conflict resolution
+ Adult role modeling 
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Media Skills
+ Media production training
+ Filming and photography
+ Editing videos 
+ Script writing
+ Speech writing 
+ Critical analysis of media 
+ Understanding the impact of the media 


Educational Advocacy
+ Research and data analysis skills
+ Student organizing techniques & strategies   
+ Exposure to local, state and national politics 
+ Exposure to examples of youth advocacy
+ History & the power of people to make change 

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